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Significance of YouTube for your business

YouTube is one of the video sharing websites based on users’ activities, such as uploading, viewing and sharing video clips. This website was started in 2005 and in just three years its results were an incredible success. In January 2008, nearly 79 million viewers watched more than three billion user-posted videos on YouTube. As of 2015, this site has over 300 million users.

Broadcast Yourself

YouTube is simply defined as sharing video clips website, but its contents-videos are not simply defined because of their variety of kinds. Movie trailer, music video, fun video, promotion video, accidents, news, people, animals, sports, etc., the videos on YouTube are enormous amount of genre. Moreover, the linked videos that related to the video watched by user at the moment lead to user’s interests to keep stay in YouTube. The users of YouTube absolutely realise that “Internet video is a powerful medium”

Today, many of users use YouTube as a place of discussion. They show their opinion and also get the feedback through some people’s videos titled “Broadcast Yourself”. Businesses buy bulk YouTube accounts to broadcast their channel through video marketing

User-Created Content

YouTube has promoted the User-Created Contents that is one of the main features of the participative web but the participative web is a wider concept and comprises various forms of media and creative created by Internet and technology users. The meaning of user on media field in the past was just receiver. However, they are not receiver now in terms of the User-Created Content with Web 2.0 that aims to facilitate creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users

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