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  1. Each journal entry has its own web page, which includes the comments left by other users. In addition, each user has a journal page, which shows all of his or her most recent journal entries, along with links to the comment pages.
  2. The most distinctive feature of LiveJournal is the “friends list,” which gives the site a strong social aspect in addition to the blog services. The friends list provides various syndication and privacy services
  3. LiveJournal allows users to customize their accounts in several ways. The S2 programming language allows journal templates to be modified by members. Users may upload graphical avatars, or “userpics,” which appear next to the username in prominent areas as it would on an Internet forum
  4. Each user also has a “User Info” page, which contains a variety of data including contact information, a biography, images (linked from off-site sources) and lists of friends, interests, communities and even schools which the user has attended in the past or is currently attending.
  5. As well as allowing embedded videos from other sites, LiveJournal can host videos and allows users who have enabled the updated site design to post links to the hosted videos

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