Buy Plus AccountsLiveInternet is one of the largest and widely used web portal in Russia also it is a popular social networking site. It was found in 2003 under the German Kelimenko. was the initially an online portal that was found for the online rating of the sites which then also introduced as a online blogging site and soon the overall project was centralized under the and now this site offers the free email service as well as the free blogging services. LiveInternet is one of the most widespread Russian blogging platforms with massive number of users online on this site, it gives each user a common platform where they can showcase their capability and create their own online blogs, viewing and interacting with other online bloggers, and receiving status updates from other users’ blogs. This way they can connect with the users and promote their blogs eventually. You can lead among them by choosing an effective service that will help you to make your blog popular and all you need to do is buy bulk liveinternet accounts from a credible site like us.

Why should you buy LiveInternet accounts?

The service presents the following capabilities:

  1. Adding new posts to blogs, either through the Web interface or through e-mail or SMS.
  2. Adding comments to other blogs on the LiveInternet site and other communities using OpenID.
  3. Adding images, polls, and other forms of media to blogs, uploading various types of files, using up to 12 avatars.
  4. Reading updates from selected blogs and other RSS feeds, through a friends list, e-mail subscription, or other clients.
  5. Participating in existing networks or creating additional ones.
  6. Customizing the overall look of one’s blog.
  7. Altering the privacy settings that may be applied to individual blog posts, in addition to the blog as a whole.
  8. Creating a system of inter-blog navigation between blog posts, using categories, calendars, search engines, and tags that categorize one interests.
  9. Using an integrated system of photo albums, video and audio files, forums, personals, and private messages between users. A webcam may also be attached to one’s blog.
  10. Allowing a wide freedom of speech based on the rules of the site, and an ability to contact the developers of the site with necessary questions.

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